Like they say the more extreme the more fun you have.

Penis shaped pouches are all the rave. They are fun to wear at the beach, at your next pool party or just hanging out with friends. Nothing says sexual by nature more than a hard cock being displayed in a beautiful male form pouch swimsuit.

Sexual By Nature

Sex, Swim and Play wear for men

We are all sexual by nature it is our default state of being. Years ago we decided to create a line of extreme swimwear, sex play wear, fetish cock wear, anal wear and other wild creations for men to explore their fetishes and increase their sexual fulfillment.  In addition to our made in the USA spandex line (of which we ship worldwide) we offer an amazing line of cock rings and male chastity gear. It is time you add some spark to your sex life, add pleasure to your masturbation and have a great time showing off your equipment.

Shown to the right is a male to female style transformation bikini designed for the beach. These suits are made by Koala and are some of their hottest selling designs. Men are sexual by nature but that sex is not always male. These suits let you get in touch with your feminine side and visually let you become female by repackaging the penis into the shape of a very lovely pussy, lips and all. No man or women can resist a tiny camel toe.

It is the default mode.

Sexual By Nature

Swimwear and underwear designs featuring butt plugs are very popular and no doubt sexual by nature. How much fun is it to be at work or laying around the pool at your apartment with a huge smile on your face and no one knowing that you are having multiple orgasms.

Sexual by nature for men takes on many forms. Above is a male to female transformation style swimsuit/pussy display. These are a blast to wear.

Be sexy as hell with tiny micro bikinis that are legal on almost any beach but barely cover a thing. Just enough not to get in trouble and just enough to have one of the sexiest tan lines on the planet. Your girlfriend will be jealous!